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Thrive Media is a digital content platform for both aspiring and established Nigerian professionals in the entertainment industry. Our goal is to provide professional filmmakers (content sellers) the exposure they need to connect to interested investors (content buyers) locally and internationally. If you need to buy video content, sell to interested buyers or just looking for an appropriate platform to showcase your video content globally, Thrive Media is for you.

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Video Content

Our platform gives interested video owners access to upload video content like movies, TV shows, reality shows etc. By registering on our platform, you increase your chances of reaching investors

Content Aggregation

we have a safe and convenient platform for you to work with people who share your creative ideas. We don’t have a say in your creative decisions, our job is to only connect you to individuals in that line of business

Content Distribution

Our members can choose to have their video content displayed on the following distribution platforms:


We ensure we help you achieve maximum publicity with your film; during and after your film release

Our creative team have the flair to create engaging and result in a purposed marketing campaign for your new and existing film

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Read the best and most intelligent Nollywood industry report.

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